Bird Strikes / Marine Fauna

The federally “threatened” species, our large local Wood Storks, are also at risk from the projected 469 perent increase in flights, mostly low level, with the arrival of F-35B training squadrons at MCAS Beaufort.  Not really a concern?  This wood stork flock was photographed in September 2010 less than two miles from the runways and projected vertical landing pads at MCAS Beaufort.

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News on Bird Strikes / Marine Fauna

June 26, 2014 -- CBS News

American wood stork taken off endangered list

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October 3, 2013 --

Anthropogenic noise causes body malformations and delays development in marine larvae

"Understanding the impact of noise on marine fauna at the population level requires knowledge about the vulnerability of different life-stages. Here we provide the first evidence that noise exposure during larval development produces body malformations in marine invertebrates."

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F-16 Crash raises fears around Luke AFB

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April 25, 2012 -- USA Today

Bird strikes pose ongoing danger to aircraft

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